In 2008 I developed a residential neurological rehabilitation facility in Birmingham. Set up to provide much-needed rehabilitation for people with neurological disabilities who remain at home or have been discharged from hospital, Hunters Moor later became part of Christchurch Group.


I have provided consultancy services for a number of companies involved in the field of neurological rehabilitation for many years. I have been particularly involved with companies that produce botulinum toxin, including Ipsen, Allergan and Merz. I have also taken a particular interest in the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes in the UK - see medical cannabis


I have provided consultancy services to commercial organisations developing neurological rehabilitation services. In previous years, I ran a private botulinum clinic in Newcastle, focused on indications that are not available on the NHS including botulinum injections for migraine, back pain, neck pain after whiplash injury as well as the better known cosmetic injections.