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Invited Lectures & Talks

‘Medical Cannabis’ presented to:

-Chinese Congress of Neurological Rehabilitation, Shanghai China, March 2017

-Asia Oceania Conference on Neurological Rehabilitation, Tagaytay Philippines, August 2017

-AGM of United Patients Alliance, Birmingham UK, September 2017

-International Foundation Year, Academic Study Skills for Dentists and Medics, University of Leeds, October 2017

-11th World Congress of International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Buenos Aires, May 2017

- United Patients Alliance AGM, Birmingham UK, September 2017

-Asia-Oceania Congress on Neurological Rehabilitation, Tagaytay City Philippines, August 2017

-Committee to Irish parliament, April 2017

-Cannabis festival, Durham, April 2017

-University of Leeds medical undergraduate talk, October 2017

-CannaTech investor conference, London, October 2017

-Northern Ireland Medical Cannabis Summit, Belfast UK, January 2018

-United Patients Alliance (Northern Ireland), Belfast January 2018

-10th World Congress of Neurological Rehabilitation, Mumbai India, February 2018

-Cannacord Genuity conference, London, February 2018

-UPA AGM, Brighton, September 2018

-APPG on Medical Cannabis under Prescription, October 2018

-University of Leeds medical students course, October 2018

-European Parliament., October 2018

-Cannacord Genuity conferecne, London, October 2018

-Sintons solicitors, November 2018

-Academy of Medical Sciences, January 2019

-Royal Institution, January 2019

-Cannabis Europa conference, Paris, February 2019

-UK Health Select Committee, March 2019

-Isle of Man parliament, March 2019

-Jersey parliament, March 2019

-Irish parliament, March 2019

-Edinburgh Science festival, April 2019

-Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, June 2019

-London Toxicology Group, June 2019

-Cannabis Europa Week, June 2019

-New Zealand medical practitioners (three days), August 2019

-Hull postgraduate meeting, September 2019

-University of Galway, September 2019

-BritSpa meeting, Birmingham, September 2019

-WhatIf Innovation, London, October 2019

-Giant health conferecne, October 2019

-Cannabis Investor Forum, London, October 2019

-Cannabis conference, Malta, November 2019

-Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society Annual meeting, London, November 2019

-CSM UK annual conference, Leeds, November 2019

-Cannabiz Hub, London, December 2019

-NNRC Training day, Birmingham, December 2019

-Royal College of Psychiatrists meeting, Edinburgh, January 2020

-Film for Romania TV, February 2020

-West Midlands Acquired Brain Injury Forum, March 2020

-Controlled Drugs Officers meeting, Cambridge, March 2020

-Apothem staff teaching , March 2020

-Podcast with Sharleen Spiteri, June 2020

-Podcast with UB40, July 2020

-Mackrells webinar, September 2020

-Webinars for Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society – x6 Summer/ Autumn 2020

-Podcast for Mary Biles podcast series, October 2020

-Podcast with John Bishop, October 2020

-Personal Injury conference, Scottish Law Society, November 2020

-Podcast for Romanian parliament, November 2020

-Podcasts for Cannabis Health magazine, November 2020

-Podcast for EMG Medical, November 2020

-Webinars for Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society 2020- current

-Webinar at conference on medical cannabis for Romanian parliament. Feb 2021

-Podcast for Can Card (Carly Barton) March 2021

-Podcast for Drug Science  March 2021

-Barts/London Paediatric conference March 2021

-SW Paediatric Society May 2021

-Drug Science webinar June 2021

-Cannaman podcast June 2021

-Podcast for MCCS June 2021

-Psychiatry UK June 2021

-Oliver Mammon podcast June 2021

-MCCS webinars June / July 2021

-Milk the cow podcast June 2021

-Podcasts for Cannabis Health magazine July 2021

-Ananda webinar September 2021

-European Neuro Convention, Birmingham September 2021

-Cannabis Society podcast, September 2021

-Cambridge Medico-legal conference September 2021

-Cannabis investor conference , October 2021

-GP conference, Birmingham, October 2021

-MCCS webinar (CBG) - October 2021

-ICCM webinar, October 2021

-COP26 satellite, Glasgow, November 2021

-Cannabis Europa, London, November 2021

-CannabizMD webinar, December 2021


'Ageing and disability' presented to:

-Training session for SJP Law, Hull UK, January 2018


'Choosing the right expert' presented to:

-Stewarts Law, Leeds UK, January 2018


'How can the private sector help?' presented to:

-CRG for Trauma Rehabilitation conference, Birmingham UK, March 2018


"Pushing the Boundaries in Brain Injury"

-Cygnet Health Care Conference, Leeds UK, October 2018

Rehabilitation Prescription' presented to:

-UKABIF Conference, Leeds, December 2017

'Being a medico legal expert',presented to:

- Bedford Row chambers conference with SJP Law, London, November 2017

'What's it is like to do expert witness work' presented to:

-SJP Law Seminar, London UK, November 2017

'Missed and Messed up in Brain Injury' presented to:

- Stewarts Law, Leeds, January 2018

- SJP Law, Hull, January 2018

- Fletchers, Southport, January 2018

- National Neurological Rehabilitation conference, London, October 2017

'Ageing and brain injury' presented to:

- SJP Law, Hull, January 2018

'Finding the Right Expert' presented to:

- Fletchers, Southport, January 2018

-Stewarts Law, Leeds, January 2018

'Principles of Neurological Rehabilitation' presented to:

- Blossom Centre, Ibadan Nigeria, March 2017

- ARNI conference, London , October 2017

'Brain injury' presented to:

- Full Sutton High Security Prison, December 2016

'Life expectancy' presented to:

- National Neurological Rehabilitation Chambers meeting , London, November 2016

'Advances in Neurological Rehabilitation' presented to:

Republika Srbska Rehabilitation Society, Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina, October 2016

'Issues and pitfalls of being a medico legal expert’ presented to:                                               

 - UKABIF Medico Legal Seminars:  What to do in the Court Room? Experience a Mock Trial, Manchester & London UK, October 2015


‘Endocrine issues following brain injury’ presented to:                                                                 

- National OT Brain Injury Forum Conference, Nottingham UK, September 2015


‘Pathophysiology and management of spasticity’ presented to:                                                 

- Neurosurgery Update Course, Coventry UK, September 2015


‘The uses and abuses of the law in brain injury’ presented to:                                                      

- Royal College of Psychiatrists, Faculty of Neuropsychiatry Annual Conference, London UK, September 2015


‘Brain injury and its consequences’ presented to:                                                                        

- UKABIF/Thompsons seminar ‘Rehabilitation issues for Acquired Brain Injury’, Birmingham UK, September 2015


‘Future of neurorehabilitation’ presented to:     

 -1st Asia-Oceanian Congress for NeuroRehabilitation (AOCNR 2015), Seoul Korea, September 2015


‘How to improve engagement in a rehabilitation programme’ presented to:                             

 - St Andrew’s NBIC Conference 2015 ‘Switch off resistance, switch on recovery’, Nottingham UK, March 2015


‘What can lawyers, case managers and deputies do to help people with acquired brain injuries during litigation?’                                                         

 - UKABIF Workshop: Capacity Issues for People with Acquired Brain Injuries, London UK, January 2015


‘The hidden, the unusual and the misunderstood’ presented to:                                                  

 - Exploring the Long Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injuries, Lambourn UK, October 2014


‘Children’s Brain Injury Manifesto’ presented to:                                                                          

 - Yorkshire Acquired Brain Injury Forum, York UK, May 2014 


'Developing World debate on neurorehabilitation: issues around the world’ presented to:         

 - 8th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation, Istanbul Turkey, April 2014

 - Ipsen Symposium at International Movement Disorder Congress, Stockholm Sweden, June 2014


'Listening to patients for an improved treatment plan: patient perspectives on the management of spasticity’ presented to:                                                     

- Ipsen Symposium at 8th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation, Istanbul Turkey, April 2014


‘Neuro-rehabilitation and the future’ presented to:                                                                      

- Neurology Guest Lecture, Imperial College London, London UK, March 2014


‘What can lawyers, case managers and deputies do to help people with acquired brain injuries during litigation?’ presented to:                                   

 - UKABIF Workshop on Capacity Issues for People with Acquired Brain Injuries, Leeds UK, March 2014


‘UKABIF manifesto’ presented to:                       

 - Sussex Acquired Brain Injury Forum, Brighton UK, June 2013


‘Endocrine problems in acquired brain injury’ presented to:                                                        

 - UKABIF workshop - Brain injury: common, disabling and overlooked problems, London UK, June 2013


‘Value of rehabilitation and how to choose a rehab unit’ presented to:                                     

 - Liverpool Law Society Brain Injuries Conference 2012, Liverpool UK, December 2012


‘Life expectancy’ presented to:                         

 - APIL Child Injury Conference 2012, London UK, November 2012


‘Sleep disorders after brain injury’ presented to:

 - The 4th Annual UKABIF Conference, Birmingham UK, November 2012


‘Neurological rehabilitation – law and practice’ presented to:                                                   

 - Parklane Plowden Conference – ‘Catastrophic injury claims: reconsidering the approach’, Leeds UK, October 2012


‘Endocrine problems in acquired brain injury’ presented to:                                                        

 - UKABIF Brain Injury Workshop – ‘There’s no such thing as a minor brain injury’, Leeds UK, October 2012


‘Overview of developments in neuro-rehabilitation’ presented to:                                              

 - Neuro-Rehabilitation Commissioning Strategy Conference, Ashford UK, October 2012


‘The UKABIF Brain Injury Manifesto’ presented to:                                                                         

 - National Brain Injury Centre Conference 2012, Birmingham UK, October 2012


‘Choosing your experts and rehabilitation centre’ presented to:                                                 

 - Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Annual Residential Catastrophic Injuries Conference, Manchester UK, June 2012


‘The role of the neurologist and the rehabilitation physician – who is better for the expert report?’ presented to:                                                                          

 - Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Brain Injury Conference, Leeds UK, March 2012


‘Rehabilitation in the community: an answer to an epidemiological problem in neurology’ presented to: 

 - ICNE 2012, Seville Spain, March 2012


‘Endocrine problems after brain injury’ presented to:                                                                   

 -  XXth World Congress of Neurology, Marrakesh Morocco, November 2011


‘Round Table: Neurorehabilitation in Europe’ presented to:                                                        

 - ENRC 1st European NeuroRehabilitation Congress, Merano Italy, October 2011


‘Stroke rehabilitation in the young’ presented to:                                                                        

 - EFNS Regional Teaching Course in Sub-Sahara Africa 2011, Cameroon Africa, July 2011


‘Funding for living in the community’ presented to:                                                                     

 -Joint British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine & Society for Research in Rehabilitation meeting, Keele UK, July 2011


‘Guide to the best practice – the holistic lawyer – interface between rehabilitation and the medico-legal process’ presented to:                                       

 - Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Annual Conference, South Cerney Gloucestershire UK, July 2011


‘Developments in brain injury rehabilitation over the past 15 years’ presented to:                      

 - British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM), BABICM 15th Birthday, London UK, June 2011


‘Slow stream rehab and the new Independent Neurorehabilitation Providers Alliance’ presented to:         

 - Rehabilitation for Clinicians and Lawyers, Exchange Chambers, Birmingham UK, June 2011


‘Community-based rehabilitation post stroke’ presented to:                                                        

 - VII Scientific Symposium of Polish Society of Neurological Rehabilitation, Tarnowskie Gory Poland, April 2011


‘Community based neurorehabilitation’ presented to:                                                                

50th Anniversary of Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Centre ‘Repty’, Tarnowskie Gory Poland, April 2011


'Caring for Clients in a Cost Effective Way’

 - Thompsons Solicitors, Leeds UK, February 2011


‘Update on the management of spasticity and clinical practice guidelines’ presented to:         

 - The 2010 Asian Congress of Neurorehabilitation, Bangkok Thailand, December 2010


‘The practicalities of managing ‘best interests’ in clinical practice’ presented to:                       

 - The British Psychological Society course – ‘The Ethical Interface between Psychology and Neuroscience and the Law’, London UK, November 2010


‘Post acute rehab/slow stream rehab’ presented to:                                                                   

 - Exchange Chambers / Hunters Moor conference, Birmingham UK, November 2010


‘Problems of the Mental Capacity Act’ presented to:                                                                  

  - OPSYRIS meeting, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, October 2010


‘Life expectancy in catastrophic brain injury’ presented to:                                                         

 - APIL conference, Birmingham UK, July 2010


‘Community Rehabilitation’ presented to:        

 - Exchange Chambers conference, Manchester UK, June 2010


‘Practising neurological rehabilitation from the physiatrist’s and neurologist’s view: The neurologist’s view’ presented to:                                                     

 - 6th World Congress of Neurorehabilitation, Vienna Austria, March 2010


'Treatment of spasticity’ presented to:               

 - 6th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation, Vienna Austria, March 2010


‘Stroke rehabilitation’ presented to:           

 - 19th World Congress of Neurology, Bangkok Thailand, October 2009

Rehabilitation in spasticity’ presented to:         

 - 19th World Congress of Neurology, Bangkok Thailand, October 2009


‘Some thoughts on the measurement of spasticity’ presented to:                                                

 - The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Annual Congress, Liverpool UK, October 2009


‘Neurorehabilitation: the state and times ahead’ presented to:                                                   

 - 2nd Middle East Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Congress, Abu Dhabi, United Arab


‘Neurorehabilitation: new concepts’ presented to:                                                                      

 -  13th Congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies, Florence Italy, September 2009


‘The use of botulinum toxin’ presented to:         

 - Spasticity Study Day, Physiotherapists Interested in MS, Dublin Ireland, June 2009


‘Update on the management of spasticity’ presented to:                                                            

 - Spasticity Study Day, Physiotherapists Interested in MS, Dublin Ireland, June 2009


‘Community rehabilitation for people with neurological disability’ presented to:                       

 - Four Seasons Healthcare Conference, London UK, June 2009


‘Community rehabilitation – lessons from abroad’ presented to:                                                 

 - Life After Brain Injury, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, March 2009


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