Neurological Rehabilitation Chambers

- Medical Experts 

In conjunction with Dr Edmund Bonikowski, I launched the NRC Medical Experts, a neurological rehabilitation chambers of expert witnesses, in 2015.


NRC Medical Experts brings together expert neurological rehabilitation clinicians, experienced in medico-legal work who work to strict quality standards.  NRC Medical Experts provide expert witnesses not only in neurorehabilitation medicine but also in neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, neurology, neuro-physiotherapy, neuro-occupational therapy and speech therapy and behavioural nursing.  For more information about instructing a medico-legal expert, visit the website to instruct directly, telephone 0191 258 3338 or email

Personally, I have now retired from medico-legal practice having been active for over 20 years. Over this time I produced over 3000 reports in over 2000 individuals. The majority of my work has focussed on adults (age range 19-86 years) but I have also produced over 200 reports on children (18 years or younger).


The range of diagnoses is: traumatic brain and spine injury (80%), cerebral palsy (10%) and other complex neurological conditions such as complex whiplash injury and anoxic brain damage (10%). In recent years I have also developed a particular expertise in the assessment of life expectancy and have now produced about 700 reports that focus on life expectancy in adults and children.


Working with more than 300 different firms of solicitors, most of my work was claimant orientated (about 85%) with around 10% for Defendants and 5% on a jointly instructed basis. The reports included the English, Scottish and Welsh jurisdiction primarily but have also included reports for foreign courts (Hong Kong and Ireland). I have been cross-examined in court on 72 occasions.