15 Aug 2019

During July 2019, I visited New Zealand to host three medical cannabis master classes – training events for healthcare professionals, in my role of Director of Education at The Academy of Medical Cannabis in London. 

Ahead of the launch of The Ministry of Health's scheme to enable domestic commercial cultivation and manufacture of medicinal cannabis, it was heartening to see such a positive response from clinicians in the country. Over 350 people attended the masterclasses over the course of my visit.  

For information, the key learning objectives for healthcare professionals were:

  • Understand the f...

14 Aug 2019

On Thursday 8 August, Nice published their draft interim guidelines into Cannabis-based medicinal products

My verdict? Very disappointing but sadly predictable. Many NICE committee members had already expressed negative views about cannabis as a medicine, and those with positive views were excluded from the process.It is a pity the Committee does not understand the nature of the family of medical cannabis medicines and failed to take into account alternative, valid sources of evidence.

It relies solely on the pharmaceutical model of the randomised controlled trials which is not an appropriate methodology for the assessment of cannabi...

30 Apr 2019

Consultant neurologist and leading medical cannabis expert, Professor Michael Barnes, publishes A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, now available to buy on Amazon.

Confused about medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, CBD oil and just what THC really is? In A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, Professor Michael Barnes explains how cannabis works and sets out the evidence of its effectiveness in treating a range of medical conditions. The book gives readers an honest opinion on its safety, explains how to use it, where to get it and tells you where it’s legal.

Professor Michael Barnes’s mission is to bring transform people’s li...

12 Sep 2016

On Tuesday 13 September, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform (APPG) will release a report following its inquiry into medicinal cannabis. 

Alongside the report, I will be publishing a comprehensive review of the evidence of the medicinal applications of cannabis. I believe the current system is unjust, unfair and unkind. 

Cannabis should be available for doctors to prescribe for medical use in the UK. Find out more about the importance of medical cannabis and how it helps those with serious illnessess, injury and disease. 

The report will be announced in the House of Lords, committee room 2 at 11am. Stay up to dat...

12 Apr 2016


I explain why the End Our Pain Campaign is so important, setting out the evidence. Visit


25 Feb 2016

I appeared on This Morning today (Thursday 25 February 2016), alongside Penny Fitzlyon and End Our Pain's Peter Carroll to highlight the campaign to legalise cannabis for medical use.


Watch the segment online here.  


You can sign the petition at

and follow the progress of the campaign via social media, on Twitter @End_Our_Pain and on Facebook.

24 Feb 2016

I'm supporting End Our Pain, the campaign to legalise cannabis for medical use.


Please sign the petition at


“I support the call to change the law to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis where they consider it would help their patients; and for patients to have their prescription honoured at the pharmacy.”

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