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Prof Mike Barnes Sheds Light on the Safety of Medical Cannabis on GB News

Prof Barnes on GB News addressing the safety of medical cannabis.

In an appearance on GB News on 8 March, leading voice in the UK's medical cannabis sector, Prof Mike Barnes, contributed his expertise to an important discussion on the safety of medical cannabis. Prof Barnes, known for his significant expertise in medical cannabis, addressed the common concern: does cannabis pose a risk to individuals with schizophrenia?

During the conversation, the focus turned to the potential risks associated with recreational cannabis use and its impact on mental health, specifically in relation to schizophrenia and psychosis. Prof Barnes provided a clear, informed response to the often-asked question: "Can it be that bad? Can it have that much of an effect on people?" He acknowledged that cannabis, particularly high-THC strains, could indeed trigger psychosis in vulnerable individuals, such as those currently experiencing a psychotic episode or those with a close family history of psychosis or schizophrenia.

However, Prof Barnes was quick to put the risk into perspective, citing a significant study by Professor Hickman in 2008. The findings revealed that to prevent one episode of psychosis, an over 10,000 young men and 29,000 young women would need to abstain from smoking cannabis, demonstrating the actual risk level, which, according to research, is relatively low for the general population."Yes, it's a risk. Yes, people with psychosis shouldn't take it, but is it a big risk? No, it's not," Prof Barnes clarified.

Prof Barnes's appearance on GB News demonstrates the importance of understanding the facts when discussing cannabis and mental health. His insights help dispel myths and bring clarity to a topic often clouded by misinformation.

As a trusted figure in medical cannabis advocacy in the UK, Prof Barnes's contributions to public discussions such as these are invaluable in educating the public and healthcare professionals alike on the safe and responsible use of medical cannabis.

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