I have been interested in the medical applications of cannabis since my involvement with GW Pharma in early 2000s and the progression of Sativex to market. I signed off the expert report to the MHRA and this report has been used, with more recent evidence, to establish Sativex now in over 30 countries. 

In May 2016 I was asked by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform to write a report on the evidence for medical cannabis. Cannabis - The Evidence for Medical Use was published in September 2016 by myself and Dr Jennifer Barnes. This report has been influential in progressing the medical cannabis debate in the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland. I have assisted the Irish parliament in that debate through discussion and lectures to the parliament (Dail Eireann). 

On 1st November 2018 the UK Government rescheduled cannabis and it is now legal for specialist doctors to prescribe. Very few have done so (up to August 2019) so much work still to do! 

I have now lectured widely on the topic (see Invited Speeches and Talks). I have assisted the End our Pain campaign and am now a Trustee of the United Patients Alliance and CLEAR.

I am Chief Medical Officer of Sol Global Investments, the Chairman of European Cannabis Holdings, the Medical Director of The Medical Cannabis Clinics and Director of Education of the Academy of Medical Cannabis.

I am the Chair of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, a community of medical cannabis pioneers - the first prescribers of this treatment in the UK. The Society is an expert-led, independent, not-for-profit community, dedicated to bringing
this safe, legal and effective medicine to people living with chronic conditions.  Its mission is to give clinicians access to evidence, training, expert guidance, peer support and licensed product information so they can prescribe life-changing medical cannabis treatments to all patients in the UK. 

I published The Beginner's Guide to Medical Cannabis in spring 2019. You can buy and download the book on Amazon.

A Beginner's Guide to Medical Cannabis,

© 2019 by Mike Barnes

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