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A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Cannabis: now published by Professor Michael Barnes

Consultant neurologist and leading medical cannabis expert, Professor Michael Barnes, publishes A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, now available to buy on Amazon.

Confused about medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, CBD oil and just what THC really is? In A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, Professor Michael Barnes explains how cannabis works and sets out the evidence of its effectiveness in treating a range of medical conditions. The book gives readers an honest opinion on its safety, explains how to use it, where to get it and tells you where it’s legal.

Professor Michael Barnes’s mission is to bring transform people’s lives by ensuring everyone who can benefit from medical cannabis can legally access the drug in the UK. He has changed the lives of patients including Alfie Dingley, a six year old boy who lives with childhood epilepsy. Professor Barnes prescribes cannabis medicine for Alfie, who has gone from suffering 300 seizures a month to one per month.

Professor Barnes said, “Medical cannabis works. We’re only just beginning to understand the full power of medical cannabis. It’s impact on society can’t be underestimated, and it’s impact on individuals people is truly life-changing. Our big challenge as a society is now to persuade doctors to suggest cannabis as a medicine for their patients. I hope this book will educate and empower people to know more about the benefits of this wonderful plant.”

Cannabis has been used as a medicine for over 6,000 years, but fell out of favour in the 1960s, was declared illegal and was largely replaced by synthetic drugs. Approximately 25 per cent of patients using opioids for pain no longer need to take them thanks to medical cannabis, and it’s been proven to help with childhood epilepsy; multiple sclerosis; cancer; anxiety and depression; insomnia and many other chronic conditions.

In A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, learn how cannabis medicine changes the lives of people living with neurological conditions, anxiety and chronic pain. It’s essential reading for people living with chronic illness, and for people interested in the history, science and huge potential behind this amazing and underrated plant.

Purchase A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Cannabis in paperback (£7.65) and in e-book format (free via KindleUnlimited or £6.05) from

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